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Fit sandwich with beef and sun-dried tomatoes
Panini, beef,  salad, sun-dried tomatoes, Thai sauce with grilled peppers
Fit sandwich with salmon
  • HIT
Panini, cheese spread, salmon, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, tartar sauce
Fit sandwich Vega Grill
Panini, grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, grilled pepper,  feta cheese, salad, tartar sauce
Fit sandwich with chicken
Panini, chicken filed, tomatoes, salad, feta cheese, Caesar sauce

Taste fit sandwiches at Tomatina restaurant

The modern rhythm of life is fast and dynamic. Sometimes there is no time left to eat a full meal. Moreover, it is useful. Knowing this, the chefs of the Tomatina restaurant in Lviv have created fit sandwiches for you. More useful than ordinary fast food. But they are so tasty that it is impossible to resist them. So browse the menu, choose and order. And the couriers of our restaurant will take care of the fastest delivery!

Tomatin's menu of healthy sandwiches: taste healthy

What are fit sandwiches? These are signature dishes developed by our chefs. The base of every sandwich is a panini. Fresh Italian durum wheat bun. The author's sauce gives it softness. And the filling is a successful combination of various components. In particular, lettuce leaves, vegetables, seafood and meat.

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