Delivery of salads
Salads are a powerful component of healthy eating for all who watch their health and shape. The main requirement for useful meal is always fresh vegetables, meat or seafood. Delivery of salads with selected fresh ingredients can always be ordered at Tomatina’s Healthy Dining Restaurant.

The dishes of the restaurant will surprise you with their exquisite taste, as the menu is presented mainly by Mediterranean cuisine. Large portions, fresh selection of ingredients, unusual and vivid combination – all this characterizes the dishes of the restaurant Tomatina.

You can taste delicious fresh salads and other Tomatina’s dishes at several addresses in Lviv, and those who want to have a delicious lunch at home or at work have a convenient service for delivering salads around Lviv. Therefore, you can order salads and enjoy them in any convenient place.
Salads, which can be ordered in Tomatina
Tomatina offers salads, both classic and well-known for all recipes, and for brand names:

classic “Caesar” (chicken fillet, tomatoes, crackers, quail eggs, Parmesan cheese and dressing – Caesar sauce);
Manzo Grill (mix salad, beef tenderloin, spicy red pepper, tomatoes, crackers, Crimean onion, pepper sauce);
dish with salmon and mozzarella (lettuce, salmon, tomatoes, mozzarella, lemon and citrus dressing);
classic “Greek” (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, cheese “Feta” in herbs, basil, croutons, piquant dressing);
“Galician” (mixed salad, chicken, champignons, pickled gherkins, croutons, Tartar sauce).

The menu and recipes are constantly being refined, new dishes are added. We also recommend to try the branded salad pastes of the restaurant, the main ingredient of which is pasta of different types.
How to order delivery of salads in Lviv
Tomatina carries out free delivery of food in Lviv for all, whose order was more than 250 UAH. To place an order, you need to call the contact numbers or use the form on the site.

You can also visit Tomatina’s restaurants in the village Sokilnyky, King Cross Leopolis or Victoria Gardens in Lviv.

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