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Poached eggs with salmon and guacamole
375 h

Poached eggs with salmon and guacamole

Salmon, panini, salad mix, poached egg, guacamole, lime, microgreen, paprika slices, seed mix, sun-dried tomatoes, dried onions, hollandaise sauce
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Classic scrambled eggs
Hard-boiled eggs
199 hrn
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Шпинатний омлет з лососем та страчателою
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(УКР) Яйце, лосось, шпинат, страчатела, паніні, рукола, соус Голандез, мікс насіння, кунжут чорний, паприка шматочками, лайм, мікрогрін, сушена цибуля
Cheese pancakes with caramel and peanuts
Cheese pancakes, caramel, granola, caramelized peanuts, coconut chips
Fried eggs with prosciutto and mozzarella
Prosciutto, mozzarella, panini, avocado, cherry, fried eggs, arugula, seed mix, sesame white, microgreen, paprika slices, pesto, hollandaise sauce
Egg scramble with pesto and burrata
Burrata, scramble, panini, pesto, halloumi, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, salad mix, microgreen, sesame mix
Omelet with smoked salmon and avocado
Smoked salmon, panini, omelet, avocado, cucumber, guacamole, microgreen, lime, seed mix, sesame mix, paprika slices