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Fried eggs with prosciutto and mozzarella
385 h

Fried eggs with prosciutto and mozzarella

Prosciutto, mozzarella, panini, avocado, tomatoes, fried eggs, arugula, seed mix, sesame white, microgreen, paprika slices, pesto, hollandaise sauce

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Classic scrambled eggs
Hard-boiled eggs
Nutritional value: 710 kcal
Nutritional value of the dish: 710 kcal

Proteins – 36.4 h

Fats – 39.8 h

Carbohydrates – 54.8 h

219 hrn
Other Breakfasts until 18:00
Spinach omelette with salmon and strachtella
Main course: 1034 kcal

Proteins – 61 h;

Fats – 63 h;

Carbohydrates – 69 h;

Egg, salmon, spinach, strachatella, panini, arugula, hollandaise sauce, seed mix, black sesame, paprika pieces, lime, microgreens, dried onion
Cheese pancakes with caramel and peanuts
Main course: 733 kcal

Proteins – 29 h;

Fats – 37 h;

Carbohydrates – 84 h;

Cheese pancakes, caramel, granola, caramelized peanuts, coconut chips
Egg scramble with pesto and burrata
Main course: 1219 kcal

Proteins – 76 h;

Fats – 91 h;

Carbohydrates – 54 h;

Burrata, scramble, panini, pesto, halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, parmesan, salad mix, microgreen, sesame mix
Poached eggs with salmon and guacamole
Main course: 627 kcal

Proteins – 33 h;

Fats – 29 h;

Carbohydrates – 65 h;

Salmon, panini, salad mix, poached egg, guacamole, lime, microgreen, paprika slices, seed mix, sun-dried tomatoes, dried onions, hollandaise sauce
Omelet with smoked salmon and avocado
Main course: 842 kcal

Proteins – 55 h;

Fats – 58 h;

Carbohydrates – 41 h;

Smoked salmon, panini, omelet, avocado, cucumber, guacamole, microgreen, lime, seed mix, sesame mix, paprika slices