Tomatina salad bar

The main motto of the Tomatina healthy food restaurant is to prepare healthy and tasty food from selected fresh ingredients. Most healthy food recipes are borrowed from Mediterranean cuisine.

Fresh salads are perhaps the most important part of the daily diet of people who care about their health and figure, as well as pay close attention to the quality of food. Tomato salad bar impresses with a wide range of delicious and healthy salads, delivery of which can be ordered to any corner of Lviv.

In the salad bar, you can order the usual salads according to the original recipes, and salad pastes, which are both similar to Italian pasta and salad. The main ingredient of the latter is pasta (pasta) of various kinds and other ingredients according to the recipe (meat, poultry, vegetables, seafood, fish, fragrant Italian herbs).

Assortment of Tomatina salad bar

The salad bar is constantly increasing its range and improving recipes. Today in Tomatina you can order the following salads:

classic “Caesar”;
salmon fillet with mozzarella;
Manzo grill;

Avocado with chicken;

With shrimps and mango salad and others.

You should also try branded pasta salads:

with shrimp;
Chicken Grill;
Creamy pasta with salmon and others.

The Tomatina Salad Bar offers meat, seafood, poultry, fish or vegetarian dishes.

How to order delivery from a salad bar in Lviv

You can visit our salad-pasta bar in Lviv – the restaurant is located in the shopping and entertainment center “Victoria Gardens”, STRC “Spartak” and in the village. Sokilniki – in the shopping center “King Cross Leopolis”.

To order delivery, you need to call the contact numbers of the restaurant or place an order using the form on the website.

For everyone whose order was over 250 hryvnias, food delivery within Lviv and in Bryukhovychi will be free. You can also place an order up to UAH 250, then the delivery cost will be UAH 60 (the service is available only when ordering by phone)

Delivery to nearby villages and neighborhoods:

Zymna Voda, Rudno, Hrybovychi, Dublyany, Malechkovychi, Lapaivka, Solonka– the minimum order amount is UAH 350, delivery cost is UAH 90.

Delivery is free when ordering from 500 UAH.

If you haven’t tasted the dishes from the Tomatin salad bar yet – order a delicious lunch delivery soon!

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Sorry, we are not working now. We work for you with inspiration from 10:00 to 22:00.