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Eggs with crispy bacon and beet aioli
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Eggs, crispy bacon, homemade hummus, tomatoes, spicy broccoli, halloumi, salad mix, edamame beans, olive oil, oregano, dried onion, microgreen, paprika slices, sesame seeds, beet aioli sauce.
Salmon with quinoa, eggs and avocado
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Salmon, lime, avocado, boiled eggs / scrambled eggs / over hard, panini, cream cheese with greens, quinoa, salad mix, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, dried onions, microgreen, paprika slices, sesame, Golandez sauce . PLEASE, CHOOSE YOUR TYPE OF EGGS IN THE ADD TOPPINGS MENU
Scramble with baked sweet potatoes and beans
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Scramble of three eggs, Thai sauce with grilled peppers, parmesan, avocado, cream cheese with greens, baked sweet potatoes, beans in sauce, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, panini, dried onions, oregano, paprika slices, microgreen, sesame.
Oatmeal with linseed and cheese in Golandez sauce
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Oatmeal, cottage cheese, stewed cherry tomatoes, over hard eggs, grilled mushrooms, linseed, dried onions, oregano, paprika slices, microgreen, Dutch sauce.
Oatmeal with coconut milk and caramelized pear
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Oatmeal, coconut milk, chia, caramelized pear, berries (seasonal), sweet almonds, mint, sugar