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Spinach omelette with salmon and strachtella
Egg, salmon, spinach, strachatella, panini, arugula, hollandaise sauce, seed mix, black sesame, paprika pieces, lime, microgreens, dried onion
Cheese pancakes with caramel and peanuts
Cheese pancakes, caramel, granola, caramelized peanuts, coconut chips
Fried eggs with prosciutto and mozzarella
Prosciutto, mozzarella, panini, avocado, tomatoes, fried eggs, arugula, seed mix, sesame white, microgreen, paprika slices, pesto, hollandaise sauce
Egg scramble with pesto and burrata
Burrata, scramble, panini, pesto, halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, parmesan, salad mix, microgreen, sesame mix
Poached eggs with salmon and guacamole
Salmon, panini, salad mix, poached egg, guacamole, lime, microgreen, paprika slices, seed mix, sun-dried tomatoes, dried onions, hollandaise sauce
Omelet with smoked salmon and avocado
Smoked salmon, panini, omelet, avocado, cucumber, guacamole, microgreen, lime, seed mix, sesame mix, paprika slices

Tomatina - delivery of healthy food that is always nearby

Who said that food delivery in Lviv is only pizza and sushi? Tomatina is in a hurry to destroy all stereotypes. Our chefs know how to prepare both tasty and healthy dishes. And couriers - how to deliver your order to any corner of the city very quickly. So we invite you to dive into the world of healthy dishes together with Tomatina's healthy food restaurant!

The Tomatina menu is the perfect balance of benefit and taste

In the rhythm of modern life, sometimes there is not enough time to take care of a healthy lunch. But we take this task upon ourselves. All that remains for you is to choose dishes from the menu. Each position was developed by the chefs with care, as well as based on the feedback and wishes of the guests.

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