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Salad with chicken and strachatella
405 h

Salad with chicken and strachatella

Salad mix, chicken fillet, strachatella, cherry tomatoes, grapes, dorblyu, croutons, dried cranberries, spinach, microgreen, arugula, sunflower seeds, black sesame, orange sauce
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Salad mix
80g0 hrn
Spinach mix
60g10 hrn
152 hrn
Other Salads
Salad with salmon and strachatella
  • New
Salad mix, grilled salmon, strachatella, avocado, cherry tomatoes, lime, spinach, almond flakes, microgreen, arugula, black sesame seeds, paprika slices, green sauce
Salad Cheesy cheese
  • New
Salad mix, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, cherry  tomatoes, grapes, cucumber, croutons, spinach, arugula, microgreen, sunflower seeds, cheese sauce
Salad Vega
149 hrn
Salad mix, sugar peas, grilled peppers, baby corn, grilled zucchini,  grilled potatoes,  cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, microgreens, sesame seeds, sauce Red
Salad  Caesar with turkey
  • HIT
Salad mix, turkey, sugar peas, cherry tomato, edamame beans, crackers, quail eggs, parmesan, Caesar Green sauce
Salad with avocado and salmon
Salad mix, salmon, avocado, mango, cucumber, edamame beans,  sesame seeds, lime, Green sauce
Salad with prawns and mango
  • HIT
Salad mix, tiger prawns, mango, avocado, fleece, cherry tomato, lime, sesame seeds, honey-lemon dressing
Salad with avocado and chicken
  • HIT
Salad mix, chicken filled, avocado, grape, feta cheese, cocktail tomatoes, sesame seeds, lemon-mustard dressing  
Salad Caesar
  • HIT
129 hrn
Salad mix, chicken filled, tomatoes, crackers, egg, parmesan cheese, Caesar sauce  
Salad Manzo Grill
Salad mix, beef, hot red pepper, tomatoes, crackers, pickled onion, pepper sauce  
Salad Toscana Grill
Salad mix, chicken fillet , cocktail tomatoes, eggplant grilled, paprika grill, zucchini grilled , feta cheese in herbs, lemon-mustard dressing